Are you Prepared for an Infection Outbreak? - Corangamarah

Corangamarah is a 60 bed facility in Colac from within the South Western region of Victoria.

Empowering Residents to Reduce Falls Risk - Wongaburra

Falls are a significant cause of harm for the ageing population and resultant injuries generate substantial costs for the health care system. Falls resulting in minor or no injury can also have negative consequences with residents becoming fearful of falling and withdrawn from physical activity which can weaken muscles and...

What is Required to Implement CDC to Achieve Positive Outcomes? Sharing Client Case Studies - McLean Care

McLean Care Ltd (McLean Care) was established as a community - owned, not for profit, registered charity in 1953 and is now one of the largest accredited providers of Aged Care services covering 100,000 square kilometres throughout the New England and North West regions of New South Wales.

Driving Improvement in Falls

Falls prevention remains one of the greatest challenges for residential aged care facilities with falls providing a major cause of harm to the elderly, requiring facilities to have a proactive approach to preventing and managing falls.

A Positive Experience with the New Quality Agency in Home Care

Founded in 1980, Australian Nursing Home Foundation Ltd (ANHF) is one of the largest Chinese Aged Care organisations in Australia.