Continue Optimising Your ACFI With QPS Benchmarking

Continue Optimising Your ACFI With QPS Benchmarking

The maximum daily ACFI subsidy paid for a resident was uncapped from 1st July 2011 onwards. This will give High Care providers access to additional funding for some residents.

It will be important for organisations to understand how the removal of the cap influences domain and funding relationships. The following tables will give you a clear view of how the removal of the cap will influence funding for HMH and HHM residents. The tables reveal the difference when moving from either HMH or HHM to HHH in 2010/2011 in relation to the same resident movement in 2011/2012.

The above tables demonstrate that residents moving from either a HMH or a HHM to HHH make a significant difference to overall funding levels in the 2011/2012 financial year. Furthermore, those HHH resident who were capped last financial year will provide an instant upswing from $162.89 to $181.21, an increase of $6,686.80 per annum or 11.2 %.

It is expected that we will see an instant upswing in benchmarking results as a result of the CPI adjustment on funding. In addition to this, we should see a much higher increase in the high care average and maximum due to the removal of the cap.

QPS Benchmarking recommends a review of HMH and HHM residents using the available ACFI calculator in order to identify any residents where an opportunity for additional income may exist.