Next Generation Solutions

Here at QPS Benchmarking, we provide solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy of reporting and analysing your data. Our Advanced Service Report, Advanced Corporate Report and National Quality Indicator App have recently been released. They are all custom built by our IT team, with specific design and functionality created to make your job easier.


We understand collecting and transforming data into information is a time consuming and difficult job. To make this process easy for your service, we have our very own in-house IT team who are responsible for designing our user-friendly electronic platform to improve your reporting and data entry requirements. Our custom-built software allows us to work with your other software providers to create an automated data flow that accurately and efficiently populates your reporting. 

By leveraging our; Technology, Expertise, Experience and Group Membership Strength your organisation will be on the path to information-based decision making. 


We are your data scientists, who assess whether your data is considered safe to use before we accept that it will be added to our databases and used for reporting. Your data will go through two of our gold standard scrubbing systems before it is accepted, one driven by algorithms and a second by our trained staff who ensure your results make sense.

We can also provide the highest level of technical support to assist you in migrating data from other software and systems, so that you can save time and ensure safe handling of your data at all levels. We provide the highest level of server hosting and security as well as support from our experienced team so that you can trust that your data is in the best hands.

For more information, view our Next Generation Reporting Brochure.