Advanced Service Report

The Advanced Service Report is highly interactive and designed to allow managers at the business unit level to easily understand the performance of the service and identify high risk areas.

A large number of enhanced features included in the Service Report design provides users the functionality to analyse data and easily take information from the live report. It is able to easily produce custom reports for use in accreditation, presentations and board reports.

In addition to viewing your service’s performance, the report aims to give feedback to help clients plan corrective actions and close the quality cycle.

Risk TrendCapture ghg

The Risk Trend provides you with an overview of how your Service is performing over time across all subscribed QPS Indicators.

From the Risk Trend Report, clients are able to view:

  • Results - displays detailed numerical results and statistical information, including the variation from the benchmark and further comments from QPS specialists.
  • Quartile Ranking - displays both best and lowest performing Indicators when compared with your peers’ performance.
  • Benchmark - displays a transparent view of your services performance against your peers and the benchmark.
  • Trend - displays an intelligent trend view which allows you to quickly and easily identify positive and negative performance over time in relation to the benchmark.