Save time and reduce work with the QPS Day Hospital program

Work smarter, not harder

Our goal at QPS is to allow our Day Hospital clients the resources that will enable them to work smarter, not harder. The QPS Day Hospital benchmarking program is designed to provide an effective, user-friendly, and time-saving method of reporting that will decrease staff workload and increase efficiency.

Ensure ACHS (EQuIP 4) and ISO Compliance

"...for consumers, accreditation is basically an issue of trust. People who use health services want to have confidence that those services are safe and will provide consistent high quality care. People understand that there are risks associated with using the health system, but they want those risks minimised." 

- Mr Lou McCallum, former Chair of the Consumer's Health Forum, in The Australian Health Consumer, Number 2, Winter 2002, p4.

Accreditation and maintaining ACHS/ISO compliance is the number one priority of our day hospital clients. Both the ACHS and ISO are seeking more objective evidence in terms of quantitative data, results, and benchmarking, in order to demonstrate measurable outcomes and improvements. The QPS Day Hospital benchmarking program provides a comprehensive range of Key Performance Indicators linked to both the ACHS & ISO Standards. All mandatory criteria within the ACHS Standards are included within the program and directly linked to specific key performance indicators providing measurable and benchmarked outcomes.

The QPS Day Hospital Benchmarking Program

"...the QPS Focused Benchmarking Network has been a value-adding component to our Quality program"

- Anne Crouch, Eye Tech Day Surgery.

Benchmarking assists organisations to collect key performance indicator data for the purpose of quality and business improvement. The QPS Day Hospital benchmarking program measures generic indicators, relevant to all day hospitals, against each facility. Hospitals with service specialties, such as General, Ophthalmological and Gastroenterological, are measured against other facilities providing the same services, ensuring relevant and reliable benchmarking reports. Using this data, our advanced products enable you to quickly and easily understand your performance and the performance of others in a national and international benchmarking group.

Identifying trends, comparing overheads, achieving staff involvement, discovering areas for improvement and noticing cost-reducing efficiencies has never been simpler. Easy to read graphical and numerical reports compare individual results to the industry distribution, including mean, maximums and minimums. Our data is current, accurate, relevant, and has the authority our clients are looking for.

Build on your success

The QPS Day Hospital service allows you to continually assess and maintain levels of service and quality. A consultant is assigned to each client and provides expertise in benchmarking, accreditation and quality improvement. You can rely on the QPS Day Hospital benchmarking program for the ongoing resources and support you need to ensure that your facility remains up-to-date and satisfies all standards and requirements year after year.

The QPS Day Hospital Service is the premier benchmarking service for Day Hospitals, backed by a level of industry expertise only the QPS team can offer.