Worried about demonstrating standards compliance? You shouldn't be.

QPS Benchmarking has the tools to make sure your expected outcomes remain just that: expected.

Aged Care facilities need to have a quality management system in place that is constantly monitored in order to assess its effectiveness and meet the requirements of the Accreditation Standards. At QPS Benchmarking, we pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of healthcare benchmarking. We cover all the standards and outcomes required to meet and maintain accreditation.

Our flexible and easy to use Aged Care service is the ideal benchmarking program for your facility, with reports, tools, data access and support systems designed specifically for you and your needs. Best of all, you can access all the reports, client tools and scorecards on-line, around the clock. Why do all the hard work yourself, when you can work with the experts of the QPS Benchmarking team?

Increasing your facility's performance has never been easier

"...we have successfully used our benchmarking reports to change practices with the aim of reducing skin tears and falls"

- Director of Care, Ilumba Gardens.

Benchmarking assists organisations to collect key performance indicator data for the purpose of quality and business improvement. At QPS, our advanced products enable you to quickly and easily understand your performance and the performance of others in a national and international benchmarking group. Identifying trends, comparing overheads, achieving staff involvement, discovering areas for improvement and noticing cost-reducing efficiencies has never been simpler. Easy to read graphical and numerical reports compare individual results to the industry distribution, including mean, maximums and minimums. Our data is current, accurate, relevant, and has the authority our clients are looking for.

Build on your success

"A HUGE thanks to you and your team for the benchmarking results, received by email today... they were really clear and gave a good indication of where we are."

- Manager, Aroha Care Centre, NZ.

Accreditation is not a one-off event. Our Aged Care Service enables you to maintain ongoing compliance with the legislative standards of care. QPS will help you to develop a culture of continuous improvement that will result in a quality service that is of value to your residents and your staff.

The QPS Aged Care Service is the premier benchmarking service for Aged Care providers and facilities, backed by a level of industry expertise only the QPS team can offer.