Education and Training

Not Sure Where To Begin?

Don't waste time and energy with the trial and error approach. Let QPS Benchmarking explain and guide you through your benchmarking experience, from implementation to operation.

QPS Benchmarking knows that education is the critical first step in the benchmarking process. That's why every new aged care residential facility is provided with a training webinar prior to data collection. A qualified QPS Benchmarking consultant will carefully explain and walk you through each indicator, definition, and data collection tool at a pace you are comfortable with. This means that any questions or concerns you have about the QPS Benchmarking services or benchmarking in general will be answered clearly and comprehensively.

But the free education and training does not stop there. QPS Benchmarking consultants will continue to support you through subsequent data collection periods via telephone and email. If at any stage you need assistance, you can be sure that a QPS Benchmarking consultant is available to help.

At QPS Benchmarking we have the two minute golden rule - if it takes you longer than two minutes to work something out, give QPS a call. Let us solve your queries so that you can get back to looking after your clients.