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Looking For The Necessary Information To Manage Your ORGANISATION?

QPS Benchmarking provides the opportunity for residential aged care facilities to benchmark over 60 different key performance indicators that span the Aged Care Standards. There are performance indicators to measure all aspects of performance ranging from inputs into the facility, processes, operational results, and strategic level outcomes.

In the QPS program you will find a complete range of indicators to cover:

  • Client and employee satisfaction
  • Financial performance
  • Human resource management e.g. absenteeism, staff turnover
  • Staff knowledge testing e.g. fire and emergency awareness, infection control
  • Clinical care outcomes e.g. pressure area rates, skin tear rates, aggression, restraint
  • Measures of resident lifestyle and activities
  • Occupational health and safety

QPS regularly reviews and updates the program, including the Key Performance Indicators and data collection tools, to ensure it remains relevant to the industry. Data collection tools are reviewed by experts within specific fields to ensure they remain up to date with legislative requirements.

QPS has the right tools you need for your business

Save time and money by using QPS Benchmarking's innovative data analysis tools. QPS Benchmarking provides the complete package of tools, including expert designed, easy to use spreadsheets. Imagine processing your data and having the data input tool automatically summarise and graph your results ready for board reporting and staff communication. All of this for NO EXTRA COST.

QPS Benchmarking works with the best. You should too.

QPS Benchmarking works with industry leaders to develop the best key performance indicators and data tools to analyise your business.

From Occupational Health and Safety to Food Safety, Infection Control to Staff Competency, our expert consultants deliver the highest quality process review and competency testing systems. These experts include:


Dr Doug Shaw          

Statistics Consultant

Professor Tracey McDonald  

 Aged Care Advisor

Marsh International   

 WHS Advisor

Krassie and Associates  

 Food Services Consultant 

Terry Norman and Associates

 WHS Consultant

Alan Whelan

 Fire & Emergency Advisor

Catherine Lamond

 Infection Control Consultant