Are you meeting the needs and expectations of your residents and providing an optimal service and experience?

The QPS Benchmarking Resident Experience Survey provides the solution!

Our Resident Experience Survey provides your organisation with an ongoing understanding of your residents’ needs, experience and expectations of performance. The valuable insights gained from the detailed Resident Experience Survey results will assist you in identifying your business strengths and any opportunities to improve the services provided - to ultimately enhance residents experience.

Aligned to the International Retirement Community Accreditation Scheme Standards

The QPS Benchmarking Retirement Village Resident Experience Survey has been regularly researched and revised, validated and is aligned to industry standards including the International Retirement Community Accreditation Scheme (IRCAS) Standards. The domains and questions within the Resident Experience Survey incorporate the key requirements of the IRCAS Standards which provide retirement villages with a framework for quality and risk management and aim to improve resident outcomes across the following areas;


  • Standard 1: Resident Entry
  • Standard 2: Quality Management
  • Standard 3: Human Resource Management
  • Standard 4: Information Management


  • Standard 5: Resident Services and Facilities
  • Standard 6: Communication and Consultation

Environment and Safety;

  • Standard 7: Safety and Security
  • Standard 8: Fire Safety, Security and Emergency Management

Best Practice Standards;

  • Standard 9: Innovation
  • Standard 10: Environmental Sustainability

Conduct your Resident Experience Survey Online

We provide you with various options to distribute the survey, including the ability to conduct your surveys online which provides a quick and efficient methodology and solution.

Let us do the work for you, saving you time while increasing participation and providing a fast turnaround of results.

Receive Comprehensive Industry Benchmark Results

Our detailed survey benchmark reports provide your organisation with the leading QPS industry wide benchmarked results, Net Promoter Score®, resident demographics, key strengths, opportunities for improvement and the verbatim feedback provided by your residents.

Our easy to read reports can be shared and discussed with all stakeholders and the results findings can be used to inform your business improvement plan in order to ultimately improve service delivery.