QPS National Quality Indicator App

Are you finding it difficult to establish an efficient way to comply with the National Quality Indicators (NQI)?

The QPS National Quality Indicator App provides an easy-to-follow system to ensure our clients are able to efficiently collect and report the National Quality Indicators (NQI) as per the legislative Australian Government Department of Health reporting requirements.

The data collection tools for the new NQI’s, scheduled to commence 1st of April 2023 including the Consumer Experience Survey, Barthel ADL and Quality of Life Assessments will also be provided in the QPS National Quality Indicator App.

The QPS National Quality Indicator App is a cloud based online system which guides users through each of the indicators and data points to be reported. Users can undertake the reporting of the NQI’s using a tablet or computer, manage and distribute Consumer and QoL Surveys to residents, batch email proxy’s at home, view and monitor results and completion rates in real time.

The National Quality Indicator reporting will inform your star rating and clients subscribing to the QPS National Quality Indicator App can have peace of mind that their data is accurate and validated. QPS undertakes a comprehensive data validation process which ensures your star rating is not compromised.

The Department of Health has recognised QPS Benchmarking as an approved provider for meeting the very specific requirements of the National Quality Indicator Program. The Department of Health have provided QPS with an integrated link to report our clients National Quality Indicator data directly to the MyAgedCare portal. QPS clients are also able to easily provide evidence of compliance to the Commission and export a summary of their results at the resident level for the National Quality Indicators.

QPS has continued to receive positive feedback from the Department of Health that the QPS NQI data is the most precise data across the industry;

“Thank you for always ensuring the QPS data is accurate as it makes the process much easier for the team”. Aged Care Quality Reform Division, Department of Health.

All your NQI results will also automatically populate your QPS Corporate and Service Reports.


How does the NQI App work?shutterstock 105421976

  • Provides functionality to measure and assess exactly as described by the Department of Health 
  • Audits recorded for each individual resident
  • Summary data auto calculated live in the app
  • Archives a history of all audits for record keeping compliance
  • Auto transfer to MyAgedCare portal
  • Cloud based
  • iPad compatible

The QPS National Quality Indicator App has been custom built to support the requirements and methods prescribed by the Department of Health. This removes the need for you to develop your own in-house systems and removes the possibility of non-compliance.

You can be sure when using the QPS National Quality Indicator App that your required data will be provided to the Secretary of the Australian Government of Health, in accordance with the legislative requirements.

For more information, view our National Quality Indicator App Brochure.