Advanced Corporate Report

QPS Benchmarking continues to enhance the reporting capabilities of our benchmarking system to provide you with the information and knowledge required to remain competitive in more consumer-driven markets.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly developed Advanced Corporate Report which allows you to benchmark clinical and core business indicators against your industry. Custom built by the QPS Benchmarking IT team, this predictive risk based data analytic tool identifies your risks based on the rated performance your indicators and by each individual business unit.

QPS Corporate Report

The Corporate Reporting system allows your executive team to easily and quickly identify;

  • key performance indicators and services providing the highest risk to your organisation as well as areas requiring improvement,
  • systemic issues rated by risk across the organisation,
  • corporate and individual business units trend performance,
  • internal and external benchmark reports and
  • recommendations from QPS consultants in collaboration with feedback from the customer, regarding action taken to drive clinical and business improvements.

Our user friendly electronic platform utilises cutting edge technology. The innovative design and functionality allows managers to efficiently access all the information required for quality or board reporting at the tip of their fingertips. The new advanced reporting system will streamline your reporting processes so you and your team can focus resources on improving care outcomes.