Corporate Clinical Governance Audit – First Results

“Corporate governance relates to the systems by which an organisation is controlled and operates, and the mechanisms by which it, and its people are held to account”.


Clinical governance is an integrated component of corporate governance and is “a set of leadership behaviours, policies, procedures, responsibilities, relationships and monitoring and improvement mechanisms that are directed towards ensuring good clinical outcomes. Effective clinical governance systems ensure that everyone - from unregulated care providers, to employed or external regulated health practitioners, to managers and members of governing bodies such as boards - is accountable to consumers and the community for the delivery of clinical care that is safe, effective, integrated, high quality and continuously improving”. Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission, 2019.


The QPS Benchmarking Corporate Clinical Governance Audit was introduced this year to assist organisations establish an integrated corporate and clinical governance system that ensures consumers receive safe and high-quality care and services. We understand achieving compliance to Standard 8 “Organisational Governance” is pivotal to the success of the remaining Aged Care Quality Standards. The Corporate Clinical Governance Audit incorporates all of the requirements of Standard 8 and includes the following domains;

  • Integrated Clinical Governance Structure & Reporting System
  • Policy, Function & Role of the Clinical Governance Committee
  • Accountability
  • Strategic Goals
  • Appropriate Resource Allocation
  • Communication
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Clinical Practice
  • Workforce Performance & Skills Management
  • Safety & Clinical Risk Management


The Corporate Clinical Governance Audit was reported by our clients for the first time in Quarter 4, April-June 2019 and the QPS industry benchmark results identify the following 3 domains as the key opportunities for improvement including;

Edition 71 1 Corporate Clinical Governance Structure smaller 

If you would like to understand what your key improvement opportunities are to establish an integrated corporate and clinical governance system please contact the QPS office today.