National Quality Indicator App - New Features

The QPS Benchmarking National Quality Indicator App was developed by our IT team to provide our clients with an easy to follow system to efficiently collect and report the National Quality Indicators (NQI) as per the legislative Australian Government Department of Health reporting requirements.

We have continued to develop the functionality of the QPS Benchmarking National Quality Indicator App since it was launched in July 2019, and we are pleased to announce our IT team have now introduced additional features and enhancements which will streamline the processes and assist in achieving further efficiencies.

We understand it is a requirement to demonstrate evidence of compliance to the Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission during accreditation visits to demonstrate your home has collected and reported the National Quality
Indicators as per the Department of Health’s prescribed reporting requirements.

QPS Product Image

The QPS Benchmarking NQI App provides the following features:

  • The QPS National Quality Indicator App archives all of your quarterly data and you are able to easily retrieve the evidence required by exporting reports providing a summary of your results including the detailed recorded audit data at the resident level for the each of the National Quality Indicators.
  • The ability to upload a new resident list, which will automatically add in new admissions and update existing resident details e.g. room/bed numbers.
  • Make residents “inactive” e.g. residents who have been discharged.
  • View, manage and reactivate residents who were discharged and readmitted e.g. respite residents.
  • “Exclude” function available for each indicator, to easily exclude resident records from each observational audit e.g. residents who have not provided consent.
  • Automatically import resident weights from your existing files.
  • “Planned Weight Loss” function to exclude resident’s with planned weight loss.
  • If an observational audit date that is not within the required reporting time frame, a warning message will pop up to alert you to select a correct date.
  • Quicker loading time when navigating through the app
  • The ability to commence entering data as of the 1st day of the quarter

If you are not currently subscribed to the QPS National Quality Indicator App and would like to join, please contact us today to streamline your mandatory reporting.