Digital Auditing System

Are you looking for technology built specifically for you?

The innovative design and features of our custom-built digital auditing system provide significant operational efficiencies, real time results and immediate identification of non-compliance areas. Audit inspections can be conducted using a tablet and live resident and facility results are displayed. Corporate and regional managers can track progress of audits completed, view live results of audits, actions taken to address compliance issues and actions completed.

Key features of the cloud based Digital Auditing System and Action Plan include;

  • Allocation and scheduling of audit inspections to staff for completion,
  • Auto staff email notifications,
  • Live dashboard of audit and CQI progress reports,
  • Manage CQI Plan,
  • Real time detailed audit reports identifying areas of non-compliance at the resident and facility level,
  • The ability to immediately action non-compliance areas aligned to the standards at the resident level,
  • Archived record keeping for evidence in compliance,

The results of any audits conducted in the digital auditing system for the quarter will be automatically transferred into your QPS Corporate and Service Reports without having to do anything further than complete the required audit inspections.