Risk Based Reporting Systems

QPS Benchmarking Reports Give You The Information You Need

Want to compare yourself to others in your industry? Want to know if you're the top dog? You can with QPS Benchmarking.

QPS Benchmarking Reports are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis and are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Find out your services's performance against the benchmarked industry mean, maximum, and minimum results at a glance, while still keeping your information private and confidential.

Easy to use, Easy to understand

If results are to influence decision-making and staff practices, they must be communicated in an appropriate, easy to understand format. But hard copy or PDF reports can be so frustrating. Have you ever tried to annotate them for a Quality Committee or Board reporting?

QPS Benchmarking has solved this problem. At QPS Benchmarking we have a risk based live reporting system. Our system allows you to see an overview of your entire organisation and risk rate across multiple services but also to drill down on individual performance indicators for selected services to provide exactly the detail you need for your reports. Our reports are customisable including just the indicators and graphs you need so you don’t overwhelm your departments with massive amounts of irrelevant information.

We can provide both a corporate reporting system benchmarking both internally across an organisation as well as to the industry at large and service-based reports. Our reports include a easy to read, automatically risk rated graphs, numerical tables and comments. Our comments system allows you to add context to your data but also to see who has left the comment, whether it is your expert QPS data cleanser, services manager, regional manager or corporate quality coordinator.

Industry Benchmarking Results

Trend results, peer group, and quartile ranking are some of the attributes included in service reports. Trend reports compare the results of the individual services so that the manager and staff can observe changes over time. In addition to the client's own data, the report also outlines the maximum, minimum, industry mean and range of scores for each reporting period. These statistics allow the reader to determine how significant the difference is between their own score and the industry mean.

Trend reports are particularly useful during accreditation surveys when there is a need to demonstrate data in a result format and an understanding of the service's performance or improvement over time.